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Use this client organizer to help you be ready for your tax preparation appointment.

Here is a partial list of the things we will need to prepare your tax return.

Use this tax diary entry page to keep track of your mileage (here is an example of how some of the entries should be filled out). An excellent documentation tool to substantiate business deductions (and required if you expect to keep the deductions through an audit). The IRS expects that we keep track of business transactions soon after the event. This should be done daily or no later than one week after. Here is a link to an older log form that may be used too.

Use this link to the IRS website to help calculate your withholding when submitting your W4. The IRS no longer provides a schedule of when to expect refunds but you can check the status of the refund by going here at where's my refund.

OK, I couldn't resist... one of my clients sent me the "latest" version of the 'NEW' 1040 and I thought I should share this one (hope you enjoy it as much as I did).