what should i bring for my tax appointment?

If you are a first time client I will need you to bring a copy of last year's tax return. This has basic information I will need to enter for this year's tax return.

I always use source documents to enter data into your tax returns, so plan on getting me any tax related forms you have received. This will include but not limited to the following:

Anything related to income - W2, any 1099 form you will have received from banks, social security, insurance companies any retirement information any school related expenses, your house mortgage information, property tax information (might be on mortgage statement).

If we are deducting a home office I will need to also know your homeowners insurance expense, any repairs to the house, your HOA, electric, gas, water, security bills, and anything else that may be related to this list.

If you have expenses related to having children in pre-school, I will need those along with the EIN of the organization, address, and phone number.

I will need to know if you have health insurance or if just part of the year was covered, what months.

If you have any tuition expenses for either dependent children or for yourself, I will need those.

If you have had stock transactions your broker will have provided statements detailing those transactions.

If you sold your home or vacation or rental properties, we will need information about those. You should receive closing documents. Please bring those.

Bring anything related to deductible items like contributions to IRA, or HSA, MSA transactions, medical expenses. If you are a teacher and have classroom expenses, bring expense totals.

Remember there will be additional items that we will need but this is a good starting list.